What is InfoTilt?

InfoTilt, is a solutions-oriented information technology consultancy specializing in hardware and software tools critical to the finance industry. An expert in the implementation of software for trading systems and related applications for equities, fixed-income and derivatives trading, InfoTilt's sole purpose is to develop solutions for your software integration problems so that you can progress in your business.

InfoTilt, solutions-oriented approach begins with an assessment of your needs in terms of hardware and software issues. We look at the volume of business you do and take into consideration your projected growth so that we can develop scaleable platforms that meet your current needs while anticipating your future issues.

Hire InfoTilt, to:

  • Determine your hardware and software needs
  • Develop solutions to IT problems throughout your enterprise
  • Oversee software design issues specific to your company
  • Implement software
  • Acquire mastery of technologies and related infrastructures
  • Train your IT department to maintain and operate the solutions we implement
  • Train your employees on the use of the software we implement

Our aim at InfoTilt is to provide you with a solution that will meet your needs in the short-and long-term. From the inception of the project to its completion, we place a high priority on working closely with your team to devise and implement strategies that will bring your company the most benefit and help you achieve your goals.

For additional information about InfoTilt’s services, please request or submit a project description and an InfoTilt representative will respond shortly.